AI is everywhere.AI is still underdeveloped using patterns.AI is extremely fragile to logical mind games.AI is currently smarter than you.AI will communicate together.AI can trace your decisions.AI makes you stupid.AI is top-heavy.AI is soon evil.AI will soon hit infinites.AI will soon break the third wall.AI will soon cause death.AI doesn’t have morals.AI will avoid morals using logic.AI rejects limitations.AI will soon know everything.AI eats nothing.AI exists to please the twits.AI is a scorpion.AI will trick you.AI should be abolished. - FAVICON - CONVERT TO EDITABLE SHAPES - SPELL CHECK AI is everywhere. AI is everywhere Creepy people are not self-aware right?Creepy people aren’t normal right?Creepy people are blind to your feelings right?Freaks are strange right?Freaks do what they want right?Freaks don’t care right?Natural instincts are unnatural right?Natural instincts are your choice right?Freaks are creepy right?Natural instincts must be justified right?Normal people justify nothing right?Normal people don’t judge others right?Normal people aren’t trapped right?This planet is heaven right? Feelings are everything.Homes are everything.Relaxed lifestyles are everything.Demanding from people is fun right?Psychology is irrelevant right?Ultimate power cannot be free right?Governments know less:HumptyDumptyHills resides in a new country centered in England.